photo P1200789_zps75758877.jpg photo P1200826_zps35907596.jpg photo P1200815_zps9d1a875d.jpg photo P1200794_zps625b6ad1.jpg photo P1200820_zpsf9fd8250.jpg wearing: Off-the-shoulder top - MLM, shorts - (old) Market HQ, bag - Status Anxiety via The Iconic, hat - Next, boots - Zu, large ring - Samantha Wills, sunglasses - Oscar Wylee.

Gotta love those winter days when you can bare your legs - not today unfortunately though! This rain in Sydney is pretty crazy. Fortunately, I've been spending my days inside this week so far. Unfortunately it's due to the flu. It's been all emails, cups of lemon & honey, multiple blankets and old episodes of Gossip Girl (don't judge - we've all been there). Hopefully it clears up very soon as I have a few exciting events & activities coming up very soon! Keep an eye on my instagram (@emmalucey) for updates. 




 photo P1210185_zps1b837538.jpg photo P1210142_zpsafa0b020.jpg photo P1210144_zps120d182f.jpg photo P1210155_zps066f08cf.jpg photo P1210143_zps512db1aa.jpg photo P1210181_zps96792912.jpg photo P1210146_zps0c0ddf65.jpg photo P1210197_zps4ee31027.jpg

We went to visit Mavi Australia HO to check out the full range and they were sweet enough to deck us out in denim so we are all ready for our visit to Mavi HQ in Istanbul next month! It wasn't hard to pick some good styles as all the Mavi designs fit me perfectly. I'm not going to spoil the outfits I have planned for the trip but it's not only jeans - perhaps a denim shirt and even a little DIY project is on the cards... so excited! I can't wait to be there and meet the Mavi HQ team too. Someone pinch me - am I dreaming? Nope? Then Europe here we come! 

Photos: Luke Hooper



UNBOXING: Her Fashion Box

Another video from me! This time I'm unboxing a Her Fashion Box. I was actually interviewed for the monthly HFB magazine and shot an outfit with the infinity scarf that was one of the pieces featured in the box. Just a short video this time but let me know what you think! x




 photo P1200426_zps4920e648.jpg photo P1200444_zps61542630.jpg photo P1200425_zps7d4a3201.jpg photo P1200451_zps7c39440f.jpg photo P1200428_zps79db4b44.jpg photo P1200461_zps9946758e.jpg photo P1200471_zps49b075a5.jpg wearing: Coat - Somedays Lovin, dress - Candidate via General Pants, hat - Next, boots - Zu, bag - Next.

This is a near perfect outfit in my mind - all credit going to the clothes of course! I love this coat as it's so slouchy and paired with this fancy, velvety dress - it's a great contrast. I call it "New York in my nighty'. That cool with you guys? Cool. Have great weekends kids! 




 photo P1200383_zps5d84c6f9.jpg photo P1200407_zpsff2b1bf5.jpg photo P1200396_zps47865a16.jpg photo P1200411_zps10f3300a.jpg photo P1200408_zps835a108d.jpg wearing: Top - Jagger, Necklace, rings & key bracelet from Luna & Zarr, shorts - Topshop.

Since this is my blog and I can do whatever I want I'm going to go ahead and dedicate this post to the moon. Anything I say now probably won't explain the draw I have to that big rock in the sky so maybe I should leave it at this. Whenever the moon is out I can't help but stop & look at it - whether it be from the middle of the city or in the middle of nowhere in the 'outback' when we go camping down south - it always makes me feel calm & alone.  




 photo P1170599_zpsa5abd8bd.jpg photo P1170613_zps07e702e4.jpg photo P1170624_zps87e0316a.jpg photo P1170609_zps2f0843fb.jpg photo P1170610_zps1e3e3741.jpg wearing: Jacket - Boda Skins, Dress - Primness, shades - Zero UV

I'm not sure if I've even done an outfit post with this jacket yet but it's definitely been a favourite of mine this winter. That rich vintage-tan colour just draws me in and the butter-soft leather is utter luxury. I took it to London with me but not sure if I'll be needing it in Europe when I go next? Hopefully it will still be quite warm! We finally booked all our flights yesterday - better late than never, right? Getting pretty damn excited. It's not only a grand trip but it will also be my birthday when we are in Istanbul - it's a present in itself really.



VIDEO: Music Festival Essentials

Happy Friday!
I thought that since it's Friday and I'm sure you're all in a party spirit, I would share with you guys my recent video on my YouTube channel spindizzyfall. This video is all about what I think are essentials you need at a music festival and shows a bit of what I took in my bag to Splendour in the Grass a few weekends ago. Love to hear what your essentials are and of course your thoughts on the video in general! If you like it then make sure to subscribe to my channel as I have a couple more similar to this style coming soon. Enjoy your weekend kids! 



No. 79

 photo P1200298_zps8cf9fe67.jpg photo P1200333_zps0fcf295a.jpg photo P1200336_zpsf02ae72e.jpg photo P1200339_zps6bf39456.jpg photo P1200343_zpsbb714c68.jpg photo P1200332_zpsa584fada.jpg photo P1200340_zpscce8121c.jpg photo P1200334_zpsb7b9ab93.jpg wearing: Dress - Magali Pascal, Jacket - Free People, sunglasses - Oscar Wylee, tassel clutch - Next, boots - Zu.

These past couple weeks in Sydney have treated us to some gorgeous sunny days. Bare legs all year is fine by me. Apart from snow trips of course. Unfortunately I won't be going on my annual skiing trip this year, but for good reason! Less than a month from now Luke and I will be jetting off to Europe! It'll be my first time travelling around Europe (apart from our quick trip to London last month of course) and Luke's too. I think I'm still in a state of disbelief because I still haven't booked some of our flights or accommodation. Eep! So this is where I call on you guys for any recommendations - not just accommodation but just anything you think is a "MUST" in Italy (think west coast), Greece (think Santorini) and Turkey (think Istanbul). Thanks in advance guys! x



Splendour In The Grass 2014

 photo P1190704_zps9ae11fc3.jpg photo P1190727_zps99164f33.jpg photo P1190751_zpsc427e75f.jpg photo P1190743_zps47f621a4.jpg photo P1190771_zps4c0956dc.jpg photo P1190791_zps115af7d4.jpg photo P1190780_zps64f34109.jpg photo P1190807_zpseac20c7a.jpg photo P1190813_zpse6a4d8df.jpg photo P1190849_zps32297239.jpg photo P1190873_zps785d4d13.jpg photo P1190884_zps34dee326.jpg photo P1190863_zpsd33406e9.jpg photo P1190909_zps41e09a81.jpg photo P1190888_zpsc37e039f.jpg photo P1190902_zpse3e17649.jpg photo P1190915_zps5b381fa0.jpg photo P1190932_zps7f184934.jpg photo P1190980_zpsa6fd867b.jpg photo P1200003_zps9093b6e8.jpg photo P1200015_zps6f564ee9.jpg photo P1200028_zps738ba170.jpg photo P1200035_zps8f0e6758.jpg photo P1200049_zps9ea5cad1.jpg photo P1190969_zps95a085cd.jpg

I've been home from Splendour for about a week now and finally getting up to speed! Luke and I spent 3 amazing days in Byron Bay for the Splendour In The Grass 2014 festival thanks to the crazy kids at Red Bull AU. We tried to fit in as many sets & activities as we could while at the same time trying to chill out after the craziness that was London (see previous posts). By a happy coincidence we were bundled to the festival with my recent partner in crime Ally from Substance blog and her fiancĂ© JD. Though I was also able to meet and hang out with a lot of new, fun people including Young Franco, Lisa from See Want Shop and Nicole Millar (who sings on that wicked tune 'High' by Peking Duk). Highlights of the festival had to be Outkast, haloumi vege burger, Sticky Fingers, Miso flavour corn on a cob and these Hunter boots which saved my soles on the last day! Again a huge thank you to the wicked team at Red Bull for a great time! Visit my instagram here for all outfit details.