MBFWA15 - Day 1

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wearing: knit - MLM, clutch - Clover, boots - H&M, skirt - Minkpink, sunglasses - D'Blanc.

Photos by BohoTailor

I interrupt the regular travel post scheduling for a few days of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia updates! Day 1 (technically day 2 after Ellery opening the week on Sunday night but since that was night let's just breeze over the technicalities) - we saw the sun shining down on Carriageworks in Sydney. 

Highlights of the day included thigh-high splits & buckles at by johnny, a delightful lunch with Swarovski complete with a live harpist/singer and my favourite show of the day; Aje - daring designs with a candlelit backdrop. Not to mention I got to hang out with all my favourite blogger babes - such a treat after returning from my solo adventure. Throughout the week I am posting updates daily on twitter (here), instagram (here) and most of all on snapchat! Username on snapchat is spindizzyfall - get involved! 




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wearing: Silk blouse - POLO Ralph Lauren, Skirt - Minkpink, Coat - Keepsake, Hat - Next, boots - Zu, sunglasses - D'Blanc, bag - Deadly Ponies

While I was staying in London I had the chance to meet up with local UK blogger, the talented Lorna of lornaluxe. Not only is she a blogging bombshell but she is a master behind the lens and took these snaps for me on the white-walled streets of South Kensington after a spot of lunch & bubbles. One of the best aspects of travelling alone is that you find it easier to connect with people and make new friends. I'm so glad, as meeting new people helps to expand your mind, allows you to appreciate different perspectives and learn. Even a short conversation is especially valuable and interesting when coming from people who live across the other side of the earth. A lot of people have been asking me questions on my social media channels about my europe trip and also about travelling solo. Therefore a Q&A post is in order soon! Leave any questions below my friends and I shall add them to the list. x




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wearing: Blouse - Free People, jeans - Cheap Monday, bag - Deadly Ponies.

While in London one of the hotels I had the pleasure of staying at was The Orange - Public House & Hotel. Situation on Pimlico Road near Sloane Square station, this charming boutique hotel was utterly cosy and welcoming. Greeted with a warm cup of tea on arrival and shown to my gorgeous room overlooking the cutest street with a florist on the corner, I couldn't ask for more! You literally couldn't want for anything while at The Orange as they've thought of everything and are so helpful. Also of note was the amazing Full English Breakfast I enjoyed the next morning after my stay. The best I've had so far in England! 




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Wow, a new post is definitely overdue! I've been away for over a month now and it's been pretty non-stop. After a crazy flight (with delays and all) from Sydney to London I stayed in the charming Paddington for a few days where I got to explore the city. I got a few touristy things done that I didn't get around to last time I was here, like the London Eye, a Rock & Roll London tour and the Natural History Museum. Most of the time I just wandered around, got pub lunches and got used to being alone while travelling. It's a whole new experience and you definitely learn a lot about yourself. 



Black is the new Black

 photo P1330559_zps9c188497.jpg photo P1330561_zps623a0950.jpg photo P1330564_zpsdc4fd37d.jpg photo P1330595_zps72281def.jpg photo P1330592_zps2c71e240.jpg photo P1330569_zpsef0bc9e7.jpg wearing: hat - Lack of Color, top - Steele, sunglasses - vintage, skirt - Market HQ (old), necklace - 32.4, shoes - Wanted Shoes.

Wow. February really just flew by, right? Apart from that remark, it's all in the title. Black = Classic. Simple.




 photo P1330312_zps660a74ee.jpg photo P1330325_zps2f72ac25.jpg photo P1330348_zps493555c9.jpg photo P1330351_zps0cb18d4e.jpg photo P1330354_zps5a843ddb.jpg photo P1330346_zpse22219fd.jpg wearing: top & shorts - Pinnacle Runway, Shades - Lespecs via Glue, necklace - 32.4, bag - vintage, shoes - Wantes Shoes.

The best thing about pinstripe shorts is that they imply professionalism but still feels like a party.
I've been lapping up the Sydney sunshine this weekend as I've got a big week ahead before I jet off next week! I've never planned a trip so last minute so this will definitely be a test for me. Fingers crossed - send me the good vibes! x




 photo P1300250_zpsdd85b592.jpg photo P1300249_zps78d77ca6.jpg photo P1300299_zps3b81cbc6.jpg photo P1300245_zpscd7a45c2.jpg photo P1300263_zps70f0d659.jpg photo P1300308_zps2a86c24f.jpg wearing: Clutch, boots, skirt & top via Oasis, Shades - ROC eyewear, watch - The Horse.

Since we are coming to the end of summer (sob) it's definitely time to organise your transeasonal designs and a leather skirt is number one on the list. A classic piece and this one from Oasis is a personal favourite of mine. Next in my books has to be boots. I still wear boots in summer on those breezy days so that one is a no brainer. 

On another (but slightly related) note, I'll actually be fast-tracking to colder climates as I leave for the UK a few days before the end of summer to start my European adventure! It is sad to be leaving this sunshine but hopefully London will be good to me anyway. And yes, feel free to send me all your London tips (looking for places off the beaten path).....and go! x