photo P1350903_zpspm7o4umu.jpg photo P1350912_zps0wskegv5.jpg photo IMG_1774_zps3jldoyul.jpg photo IMG_1768_zps7gl1t7xr.jpg photo IMG_1792_zpsrqzdy96w.jpg photo IMG_1796_zpso8hzk0sd.jpg photo P1350924_zpsxmfrlwjd.jpg photo P1350898_zpssq8mehlx.jpg photo IMG_1807_zps6rzqm7j6.jpg photo IMG_1813_zpstx05swhx.jpg photo P1350933_zps4actwqsr.jpg

Ah Switzerland. Lucerne was probably the most beautiful stop on our trip. We arrived around lunch time and first up we visited the Lion Monument followed by a demonstration at a watch & swiss army knife store. I bought myself a swiss army knife and it was the best purchase I made on the whole trip - mostly for opening wine and cutting cheese at picnics! We then walked around town basking in the afternoon sun and wandered along the Kapellbr├╝cke - the oldest wooded covered bridge in Europe. So dreamy!

Our accommodation for the night was a former women's prison (see hallway photo above) - with bars on the doors and all! Interesting experience. We had our most expensive meal of the trip in Switzerland but it was pretty darn worth it, especially the cheese fondue. There's no way I was going to Switzerland and not having cheese fondue! My mouth is watering just thinking about it again. Yum.




 photo P1350727_zpscyaky6yw.jpg photo P1350752_zps1r2shtxi.jpg photo P1350733_zpsl0pyogwh.jpg photo P1350766_zps0qgdpnhu.jpg photo P1350720_zpsgcp8wtya.jpg photo P1350750_zpsbmimklet.jpg photo P1350805_zpsvfbgl8cz.jpg photo P1350699_zpsyd7f3f8c.jpg photo P1350702_zpswb1gbj3f.jpg photo P1350708_zps4gqylato.jpg photo P1350705_zpsixykiwko.jpg photo P1350819_zpsfyozipt3.jpg photo P1350811_zpsqrpblsas.jpg photo P1350826_zpsev1zdbwf.jpg photo P1350831_zps2xrelh3i.jpg photo P1350845_zpsn2qgv5r9.jpg photo P1350853_zpslrv37fjb.jpg photo P1350832_zpsakpmqurs.jpg photo P1350875_zpsclhtadgn.jpg photo P1350889_zpstdbkrqoo.jpg photo P1350881_zpsoeeysh1z.jpg

You can thank the rain in Rome and the recovery state we were in while in Florence for the lack of outfit/personal shots in this post. In fact the two are interlinked. Unfortunately we hit rain while in Rome so we were 'forced' to enjoy rainy afternoons and nights indoors enjoying a lot of pizza, pasta and of course a lot of red wine. Hence the recovering in Florence. 

If you've been reading Spin Dizzy Fall a while you'll know I actually visited Rome in the summer last year so this time I chose to explore a few different sites. I visited Vatican City last time but didn't get the chance to climb St Peter's Basilica. A friend and I decided to take the lift halfway up and climbed the last steps to reach the dome. The climb was sketchy to say the least as it is very narrow, on an angle (due to the dome) and with wet steps from the rain we were clinging to the rope to get up the spiralling staircases. Having said that it was completely worth it to see the detail of the dome up close and the unbelievable view of rome from the top of the dome. 

Next we were off to Florence! We spent a day walking around the city, taking in sights, looking through markets and getting a few beers as it was St. Patricks day. After a family dinner filled with litre bottles of wine and plenty of dancing we hit The Red Garter for more St Patrick's day drinks and karaoke! Definitely a memorable way to spend our last night in Italy before heading to Switzerland.




 photo P1350444_zps3yrjavwh.jpg photo P1350489_zpseuqlkjog.jpg photo P1350602_zpssiwu6zrj.jpg photo P1350608_zpsntlnbevb.jpg photo P1350604_zpspjyerxqz.jpg photo P1350500_zpsisaofvvt.jpg photo P1350476_zpsxd3yi8ev.jpg photo P1350524_zpsaikbsdei.jpg photo P1350523_zpsox43zkpb.jpg photo P1350583_zpsn0aaz4oh.jpg photo P1350530_zpszqsqlbzh.jpg photo P1350636_zps2oiklncn.jpg photo P1350654_zpsilrgediw.jpg photo P1350596_zpsvyjw5e9f.jpg photo P1350620_zpsqzoigps4.jpg photo P1350670_zpseufz8kyr.jpg photo IMG_1652_zps1fd3lqay.jpg photo IMG_1557_zpsn0m1axne.jpg

Ah Venice.... it was one of my favourite stops on the tour! We were almost halfway through the trip and everyone was getting comfortable hanging out with each other and getting close. We took a motoscafo over to the floating city of Venice and we were all captivated as we caught sight of this unique destination. We walked through the main square, across stunning bridges and along lots of winding alleys to arrive at the waterside again where we all boarded gondolas. I was in a bit of a dream state for this part as it was just so surreal being on a gondola in venice! Just beautiful. 

 We then went to a venetian glass blowing demonstration followed by gelato which we devoured while walking along the canals. A few of us found a cute restaurant and enjoyed an afternoon by the water, drinking wine and eating seafood canap├ęs. We then moved to the main square for a few Bellini cocktails listening to a nearby live band and watching dusk fall on the city. I look back on this day and just recall bliss and such appreciation for life and the beautiful world we live in. We all met up with the group and had a 'masquerade' themed 3 course dinner with plenty of jugs of red wine before returning to the mainland. 

 Let's just say I was in no state to be driving a huge motorboat across Venice but that didn't stop me from convincing the driver to let me do exactly that. Along with turning the lights off and the music up. Hello party boat! I definitely recommend putting Venice on your bucket list if it's not already! Next: Rome & Florence.