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As I've said before, looking back on Croatia is blissfully hazy however a few spots I loved were Split and the island of Hvar. While in Split we spent one evening hiking up a small mountain to see the sunset. We bought ourselves some sushi and a bottle of wine and started up the walkway only to get ourselves confusingly lost on the way, almost missing the sunset completely. In the midst of being lost we decided we may as well open up our wine which, in hindsight, probably isn't the best strategy while trying to get 'un-lost'. Somehow we eventually made it and saw one of the most candy-coloured sunsets I've ever seen in all my sunset-watching experience. 

While in Hvar the first thing we did was buy a couple of beers & climb our way up to the fortress for an unbeatable view of the island. Definitely a "take me back" moment. 




 photo P1390438_zps14y47tep.jpg photo IMG_0882_zpsj0sklkgn.png photo IMG_6392_zps6bnbfkn5.jpg photo IMG_6455_zps2mbxlclx.jpg photo IMG_6484_zpsbyhgx8ly.jpg photo IMG_6498_zpsh5yqy3l4.jpg photo IMG_6504_zps8fhwxud4.jpg photo P1390493_zpsj6wgrsr9.jpg photo P1390497_zpskzauyrne.jpg photo IMG_0880_zpsdxejlukr.png photo P1390507_zpswl5zokcz.jpg photo P1390509_zpsmpdjqkjw.jpg

My second post from beautiful Croatia shows the heaven that is the Mljet National Park where the water really is that light blue. It's due to the lake bed which is made up of light coloured rock and the water is very clear. Not to mention lovely and warm on top so you can just float there for hours! We took a boat out to the 'island within an island' - an island on the lake which has a small monastery and cafe and spent the afternoon lazing around. 

We also went ziplining! Something else I've never done before and actually not as scary as it looks. Although I did have plenty of trouble learning how to stop (I actually never mastered it and almost got kicked off the course when the instructors had to keep catching me at the end - whoops!). One more Croatia post coming.




 photo P1390262_zpsztgphma2.jpg photo P1390225_zpsnfiic4qj.jpg photo P1390202_zps7ah77iot.jpg photo P1390205_zpszpgiv1m0.jpg photo P1390220_zps1uisyusj.jpg photo P1390213_zpsvwwgydq2.jpg photo P1390208_zpsa8tmmw5q.jpg photo P1390299_zpsacdj3oyv.jpg photo P1390310_zpsq6grmbqi.jpg photo P1390286_zpsikw7acnr.jpg photo P1390268_zpsenvlfmqz.jpg photo IMG_6160_zpsbetszvds.jpg photo P1390291_zpstagbytte.jpg photo IMG_6153_zpsmie0wapm.jpg photo IMG_6164_zpsmk1jobvb.jpg photo IMG_6209_zpscbflupu3.jpg photo IMG_6235_zps2qxobynu.jpg

I have so many photos from my time in Croatia I had to Split them up into multiple posts. Croatia pun anyone? No? ... First of all is Dubrovnik AKA King's Landing! Yes, lets get this over with for those non-GoT fans who just want to hear about the REAL city of Dubrovnik... This is where we walked the same walls as the Lannisters as this is where they filmed a whole lot of scenes for the series Game of Thrones... it's just that magical. 

In all seriousness (kidding, I'm rarely serious! But honestly...), out of everywhere I visited in the past 3 months, Croatia was my favourite. I always thought of 'paradise' as a tropical island away from civilisation but Croatia took me away from reality like no other (although Isla Mujeres in Mexico was veeeeeeery close - more on Mexico coming too!). We spent a week on a boat with a pirate crew, 20 strangers turned legends/friends, cruising down and up the Dalmatian Coast from Split to Dubrovnik and back to Split, hitting a bunch of island along the way. To say the least, my memory of this week is hazy but what I do remember are all good memories. Even the memory of a terrible morning of seasickness (yes, pure "sea sickness") brings a smile to my face because the aura of bliss that was emanating from that boat was undoubtably glorious and contagious. 

While in Dubrovnik we spent a morning walking the city walls before searching for the hole-in-the-wall (this time literally) bars that overlooked the ocean and those brave enough to cliff dive into it. Honestly, the stories from Croatia could keep me talking all day but instead you can watch the video I made from our week HERE on my youtube channel spindizzyfall. More posts coming from Croatia soon!




 photo P1380559_zps0exe9aip.jpg photo P1380688_zpsf5lwe1og.jpg photo P1380695_zpsch0dj1gr.jpg photo P1380754_zps2fwjuxwg.jpg photo P1380672_zpsrbpvztmd.jpg photo P1380742_zpsxhuj8hoc.jpg photo P1380931_zpsl3untymk.jpg photo P1380758_zps0rtpd8a1.jpg photo P1380812_zpscsojak9l.jpg photo P1380783_zps4gn8d0yd.jpg photo P1380789_zpsvli5nqaa.jpg photo P1380867_zpsw2spywx9.jpg photo P1380881_zpsmnfg5sil.jpg photo P1380898_zpsbyw69zrd.jpg photo P1380910_zpsvg1apl1a.jpg photo P1380965_zpsyyqnvte0.jpg photo P1380947_zpshojxvscb.jpg photo P1380996_zpspjgotqe8.jpg photo P1380956_zpsjsi5chuj.jpg photo P1390006_zps18r6kyip.jpg

If you're looking for a city that screams "Hey, you're in Europe!" look no further than Prague. The cobbled streets, the gothic architecture, the candy coloured buildings, the busking in the streets and the amazing food and drink make this one magical city indeed. We spent a few days in Prague exploring the bustling, dreamy Old Town, weaving through passages in Prague Castle, tracking down the 'John Lennon Wall', strolling along the river and stuffing our faces with dumplings and (very, very, VERY cheap) wine & beer. One thing I discovered only a few days before visiting the Czech Republic is that is surprisingly cheap! It's probably one of the cheapest european countries I've travelled to so far and what's more, mostly everywhere has really great service. I found myself thinking that I could easily settle in Prague for a month or two... I'd love to get to know it better.