photo P1180885_zpsabfdcab2.jpg photo P1180763_zpsff188446.jpg photo P1180776_zpsbc07a07c.jpg photo P1180786_zpsb1ed9e28.jpg photo P1180825_zpseacdb3b1.jpg photo P1180791_zps020a499e.jpg photo P1180799_zps065205be.jpg photo P1180829_zpsda6559a6.jpg photo P1180852_zpsd6635cd7.jpg photo P1180865_zpsf7fa725f.jpg photo P1180834_zpsc94dd46f.jpg photo P1180875_zps156d0bdd.jpg photo P1180897_zps639f2ca2.jpg photo P1180917_zpsa4420ebb.jpg photo P1180952_zpsf65dbe84.jpg photo P1180954_zps6039ffa3.jpg photo P1180975_zpsc8353200.jpg photo P1180980_zps68ece211.jpg photo P1180992_zpsc3711951.jpg photo P1190011_zps15337614.jpg photo P1190032_zpse73baeab.jpg photo P1190064_zpsb649d893.jpg photo P1190079_zpsd4c7622c.jpg photo P1190090_zps53010020.jpg Outfit 1: tee - French Connection Australia, shorts - Assembly Label, sandals - Urge footwear, sunglasses - Zero UV.
Outfit 2: Jacket - Ksubi via General pants, tee - Shilla, shoes - Converse, bag - Status Anxiety.

Day 2 was even better than "Day 1" - as I say in my video, the first day was mind blowing but by the second day we were a bit more relaxed and able to really open our eyes and enjoy ourselves. First we ate breakfast at The Breakfast Club in Soho - I over ordered as I was feeling jet-lagged plus had a lobster-hangover (not in a good way)! Ick. Luckily the porridge was brilliant. After a bit of souvenir shopping on Oxford St we headed over to Buckingham Palace to see the changing of the guard - it was crazy busy. I didn't capture it in my video but at one point the band started playing the theme song from Game of Thrones! It was so surreal being there. After a stroll through Trafalgar Square we headed to an old English pub for a pint of English cider. While resting our feet a lovely Irish business man decided to shout us all another round which was delightful! He the recommended a great place for tapas which we took a black cab to for lunch where I tried black pudding. In the afternoon we went on a (not so scary) Ghost tour around the city. It was too light for anything spooky to occur but we were able to see so much of the city and then took a ride on a boat down the Thames to the Tower Bridge. We ended the day with a jugs of Pimms in Shoreditch. Stunning day and I wouldn't change a thing about it.




 photo P1180570_zpsb7c0b626.jpg photo P1180591_zpsb4d9f9c3.jpg photo P1180614_zps44e2b176.jpg photo P1180636_zpsb09b87b4.jpg photo P1180633_zps33ee14cb.jpg photo P1180638_zps85151945.jpg photo P1180641_zps189a85d4.jpg photo P1180654_zps31e35b41.jpg photo P1180659_zps659a0cf8.jpg photo P1180669_zps323e67cd.jpg photo P1180680_zpsb052e2be.jpg photo P1180697_zps58911485.jpg photo P1180703_zps04eb3f58.jpg photo P1180708_zpscdee009f.jpg photo P1180718_zpsede80512.jpg photo P1180722_zps519a1837.jpg photo P1180729_zps4bc45ea1.jpg photo P1180727_zpsa67ce242.jpg photo P1180748_zpsdb0fcb67.jpg photo P1180753_zpsd1970672.jpg photo P1180757_zpsad9f6dfb.jpg photo P1180761_zps69d8b402.jpg wearing: Knit - Mad Love, Tee - Assembly Label, Skirt - Vintage, Boots - Betts, Bag - Vintage.

Ok, so I'm going to call this 'Day 1' - but it's probably more like 2 days with the time difference and all. So basically, we travelled to London ... you know, no big deal or anything. Travelling across the world to a new city I've never been before but only ever dreamed of and read about in books - not exciting in the slightest. Obviously I'm resorting to sarcasm as I can't begin to explain how thrilled I was/am to have visited London. The reason for our trip was to visit the Next team in London and experience their Christmas collection runway show and press day (more on that later). If these photos aren't 'speaking their 1000 words' to you guys - check out my video diary of our first day. I captured our whole trip so subscribe to my Youtube channel so you can see them all when I upload. More coming soon!




 photo P1180185_zpsfb335b9f.jpg photo P1180127_zps196a224e.jpg photo P1180178_zps99a1d529.jpg photo P1180147_zps364021b6.jpg photo P1180183_zpsbecb249b.jpg photo P1180187_zpsc69ba205.jpg photo P1180162_zpsc84a6f8f.jpg photo P1180167_zps297537af.jpg photo P1180188_zps6f762959.jpg wearing: jeans - Dricoper, shirt - vintage, shoes - Wanted shoes, necklace - Samantha Wills, shades - ROC. 

I’m so excited to be a Jeans for Genes Day ambassador this year! A bunch of fellow bloggers and myself are on board to help raise awareness of Jeans for Genes day and I encourage you all to get involved too. It’s so easy to donate online – whether it’s $5 or $500 you are helping! 

Visit www.jeansforgenes.org.au for more information or to donate. And don’t forget to rock your denim on the 1st of August! Follow the #21DaysofJ4G hashtag on social media to count down the days till Jeans for Genes day along with all of us! All the bloggers have been given a day to rock their denim in the lead up to the event so there is sure to be some amazing denim and double (maybe even triple) denim inspo along the way. I went for the classic single denim look myself because I am just living in these Dricoper beauties (the Lauren Vintage Skinny) – pre-ripped, but not too much, and so comfortable.